Wednesday, 27 July 2011

EmiR Got A Fever

Emir Anak Manja Mama domam

Isnin : 25 Julai 2011
Emir ke klinik untuk injection sempena 5 bulan (even dah lewat beberapa hari). Mama and ayah xdapat amek jiran2 yang hantar emir with his auntie hawa(pengasuh Emir)...Pagi-pagi tu Auntie Aida yang hantar...pastu nenek and auntie hawa pon bawak le Emir jumpe nurse2 tu..then Masa untuk injection...EMir nangis kejap je... hero la katekan..hahahaha. Balik umah ayah Ody yang amek...hehehe...
owh lupe lak...berat Emir turun 350gram...jom..let me show u the different between last month and this month

4 Bulan
Berat: 6.85kg
Tinggi: 66cm

Berat : 6.50kg

nampaknye Emir dah semakin kurus and fit...wakakaka....

Ok lets continue...badan Emir dedar...pastu lame2 semakin panas(kate hawa)...bile mama balik koje...tgk2...rupanya Emir demam..panas badan die...air mata meleleh je dek kerana badan panas...risau mama...Emir merengek je..sepanjang malam EMir merengek...takpe pun mama tak tdo...yang pntg Emir sihat dan bley tawe2 cam selalu...

Mama pakaikan Emir baby cool fever...kat dahi ng badan...alhamdulillah...its getting better...Emir semakin pulih....Then ptg 26 Julai 2011Emir dah bleh ketawa...yeay!!!!

Friday, 22 July 2011

Same tapi x serupa....

Like father like son

Emir dengan sape tu???hehe...tu la ayah emir...muke diorang sangat serupa...lagi2 bab pipi...cutenye suamiku mase kecik...hahahhaa..
Perangai mereka pon lbh kurang same je...i love it...cume emir ni ade iras additional mama sket la...perangai pon camtu lagi2 bab mulut bising. Emir dah suke menjerit2 sekarang...suke buat boo boo sembur2...(adeh...botak la mama jawabnye) dan yang paling best emir dah pandai cubit org...Mangsa emir sape lagi...of course la mama...mentang2 mama takde daging ea???cubit mama jek...sakit tau
Ape pon mama enjoy sangat bile bersama emir and both of u so much muuah

Emir Chomot and botol susu

Botol Susu dan Emir

Emir anak mama yang comel bijak dan cute ni dah pandai pegang botol susu sendiri...sebenarnye die mungkin la rase tak selesa bile org lain pegangkan botol susu kot...then sejak 2 menjak die dah pandai pegang memegang ni...die mule belagak (kate nenek die..hahaha) die tolak tanagn org yang pegangkan botol (semasa sessi penyusuan) then die pegang sendiri dgn jayanye...pastu senyum2...lagi2 bile ade mama...nak tunjuk yang adik pandai kan???bijak la awak ni...mmmuah
mama...hebat kan adik

Jangan amek gambo kite ok...

blur plak

nenek takmo kaco emir tau...emir dah pandai ni

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Thyroid Cysts Operation ...

ThyRoid Cysts

What is actually thyroid cysts???

A cyst, by definition, contains fluid. Thyroid cysts are regions of the thyroid that are enlarged and filled with fluid. They may be small (1 cm) or sometimes very large and can develop slowly or arise suddenly. Thyroid nodules can also degenerate and become fluid-filled sacs entirely or have a combination of solid and cystic areas. Thyroid cysts can become large due to sudden bleeding within them. If they rapidly enlarge, they can cause symptoms like difficulty in swallowing, pain, and rarely change in voice due to compression on the vocal cords.

Usually, thyroid cysts are discovered when a routine ultrasound is done or when a thyroid biopsy (removal of a sample of tissue from the body for examination) is performed. If the cysts are filled with only fluid, they are usually not cancerous. In case, they do contain solid components, the chances are that it could be cancerous. In about 15% of cases, these cysts may spontaneously resolve.
Your doctor may recommend surgery, if the cyst keeps recurring, and if he suspects it to be cancerous.

Now let me tell U why I was admitted in hospital last friday...Actually there are a small swelling at my left neck. The size is about 2.1cmx2.3cm (this size is measured during the first time diagnose by the doc) and the size is getting bigger day by day. The treatment stopped when I was confirmed preggy by the doc and now it continue again. Then after discuss with the specialist, he recommend me for surgery...thats because the cysts keeps recurring and suspected to be cancerous. I got the operation appoinment on 8 July 2011. But it depends on my condition.

27th June 2011

I take a leave due to take my sonny diddy duddy to clinics (monthly checking)...

28th June 2011

I got a fever. I got a sore troat, difficult to swallowing, flue, little bit cought and high tempt fever...

1 July 2011

I got to see the ENT speacialist and the do the pre-anaestatic asssesment...First I see the ENT speacialist...the doc tell me what is cause and effect if doing the operation. The possiblity might be happen is voice will change and few small possiblity...Then The doc do a scope
 (put a small camera inside the nose through the throat). The result is OK Then I see a anaestatic specialist...the doc check on me...they said that my tonsile is swelling and im still got a sore throat...but I didnt feel that...then she said the operation cannot be done. She tell me to meet again the surgeon specialist for the next operation appoinment.

7 July 2011

I see the surgeon specialist to make a next operation appoinment.He check my throat...he didnt see any red mark showing that i got the sore throat. Then He ask me to see again the anaestatic specialist at HSA and do again the pre-assessment in order to keep doing the operation on 9 July 2011. Then I drove my car and take 1 hour to arriving to HSA...then after do the pre -anaestatic assessment...the result is GOOD/OK...The operation can be done on 9 July 2011...Then Tomorrow (8 July 2011) I have to admitted to the hospital. So I immedietly drove my car to ADTEC to inform my Boss...Then I going long journey...tired...

8 July 2011

I admitted ward (2 timur). A full ward....with the sick people...Why I need to stay here???'im whispering...but I have to face this...because the doc easy to monitor in just one long ward...owh could i stay in this places...

9 July 2011 (9.00am)

Prepare to go to operation hall...

Continue baby wake up already

Okay...continue again...anyway...the operation took about 2 and half hour...because the small kind of cysts quite difficult to take off (the doc said...i dnt know whether he just teasing me..) then anaestatic doctor give me the drug...suddenly...toooooooooooootttttttttttttttt...I lost everything...

12.30pm...the doc called my name...I woke up but still unstable...He smile and leave me at ward...then I start vomit and vomit...(thats because of the effect from the drug...untill now I still vomit and unstable) The doc said it maybe takes 1 week to fully recover....My hubby come and see me...I cant speak voice not clear!!!nobody understand what am I saying...

10 July 2011

I try to persuade doctor to give me a permission to going home...hahaha...then after discuss..I can going home and meet my derest sonny emir and lovely hubby and both family yeayyyyyyyy!!!!!

what a long story mory about this kind of disease...huhu...just some info that U must know...why I need to remove my thyroid cysts

Enjoy read it

Friday, 8 July 2011

Emir & His Teether...

Emir Gud Boy

Emir such a good boy...mama always telling this to you...because dear...absolutely u are such a gud son that mama ever had...and if i got a choice to choose my son in this world...I absolutely choosing U my dear Emir....

hehe..Last 2 day..mama bought Emir a teether...its colorful and the most important is BPA Free...( I dnt know whether its really BPA free or just on paper) But I'm trying to find the best for Emir...The pic below show Emir trying to put the teether in his mouth...but as usual...emir most interest to gadjet only...after few minutes playing with a teether...he grab ayah's phone and put in his job dear...dont do it on mama's phone okay =)

Usaha tangga kejayaan

Mama..its so yummy

Wah...sangat selesa kat perut ayah ni...


Trying to count the teether petals

Mama..I am interest to this soother most

Wah...I can put the soother in my mouth by my own heh....

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

I wont leave u again Emir dear

Busy2 weekend

Last weekend is the most busy day for me...and the most worse is i have to leave my dear emir for attending the team building course at Kem Nasuha Pagoh for 2 days...
Mama really miss u dear...I i woke up at 3am and find my son...then i realize Im not at home...mama really sad...and next week again mama have to leave u for 2 weeks for attending the induction (I dont know what is the purpose of induction for goverment servant)But since i am agov servant...I have to follow the COMMAND!!!! no no no...did they thinking about my son???my husband????exactly not...hmmm series...I am too stressed to facing all this thing....
Emir dear...mama promise will bring u and ayah everywhere if mama have to go outstation...mama wont leave both of u again and again...i promise u dear

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