Wednesday, 6 July 2011

I wont leave u again Emir dear

Busy2 weekend

Last weekend is the most busy day for me...and the most worse is i have to leave my dear emir for attending the team building course at Kem Nasuha Pagoh for 2 days...
Mama really miss u dear...I i woke up at 3am and find my son...then i realize Im not at home...mama really sad...and next week again mama have to leave u for 2 weeks for attending the induction (I dont know what is the purpose of induction for goverment servant)But since i am agov servant...I have to follow the COMMAND!!!! no no no...did they thinking about my son???my husband????exactly not...hmmm series...I am too stressed to facing all this thing....
Emir dear...mama promise will bring u and ayah everywhere if mama have to go outstation...mama wont leave both of u again and again...i promise u dear



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