Thursday, 24 November 2011

Kerja Untuk Hidup @ Hidup untuk kerja???

Work for the sake Of Life

Kerja...hmm kerja tu mmg rezeki (Alhamdulillah) kite perlu bersyukur kerana diberi peluang bekerja sebab ramai org kat luar nun still searching for job...and the best word is jobless
Cume kadang2 kite presure dgn keje kite ...(lumrah pekerjaan..ade yang mudah dan kadang2 perlukan tahap kesabaran tinggi) kadang2 kite boleh jadi rasional dan kadang2 kite jadi emosional
Bila kite dh berkeluarga...ade anak...kerja mmg sangat penting...and now a days..wifey juga turut bekerja untuk meringankan beban husband.. (tp sbnnye woman skarang dh ramai yang ada qualification, knowledge & skill yang selayaknya harus bekerja bagi seseorg individu

My husband is an engineer.He is a family is number one for him..But lately he got a problems in his company..The tester at his  station is not working..The output just can be produce 9 out of 48 per day...He still work on it and  he need to work overtime...His bos forced him to settle the problems as soon as possible...Customer as well..and of course he really stressed to face all this thing...He going home a little bit late because he try to solve the problem..Sometimes at 10 pm he arriving home...and he look really tired..

I am supposely support him..but since he have to work on saturday & Sunday...I am being too emosional and the monday, I have to go to Putrajaya for attending the training...I am too sad  and stressed because I need to be with him and spend the whole weekend with him because of that reason...But he have to work on the weekend..
hmm how bad I am...I get mad at smile nor jokes...hmmm...I feel guilt at him...he try to persuade me....and finally im OK....

I bought my Emir and mum to KL...without my hubby...I'm really feel lonely even Emir & mum  with me...Emir also can't sleep and searching for his ayah. All the nite he keep awake and find ayah...I become so tired to entertain him all the nite...

My husband is really good husband that I ever met...He try to make me happy each single day and try to fullfill all my wishes...But why I am so sellfish???hmmm

I am sorry dear..I promise to you...i'll be good...ill be good wife...obey to u...and be rasional all the time...PROMISE!
Love U so Much


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