Thursday, 17 November 2011

Kisah Sorang Budak Kecik

 Sorang Budak Kecik

Saya Emir...Nama Penuh saya Emir Ukasyah Bin Mohd Zaki 
Now my age almost 9 month's old....and I still learn how to 'walk' without monitoring by mum, nenek, ayah or my baby sitter...(But untill now they still keeping eyes on me) rimas I...

Now I love to attached to my MUM...she's so huggies (even skinny) and I love it...My father the most gorgeous and kind father in d world...But since my mum is so pampered to him so better I attached to my mum...hahahaha

My Progress??? owh...hehehe...
I love to smile (my mum always said 'senyum ngada2') but I think I keep a sweet smile...maybe she jealous on me...hahaha..
I love to play with 'tangga'...when I climb it...I put up my hand (to show how terror I am) then..U will hear my mum or nenek screaming (Emir!!!!jangan lepas tangan camtu) and I??? keep smiling again =)
I love to play with the ball (my mum bought agry bird ball) alahai..too cute...But I prefer to play with the real footbal...but my mum said (not yet...If I didnt put the ball into my mouth...then she will buy it for me)
I love to help my mum in the kitchen during she cook =) (hopefully one day I can become a master chef)
I will show my anger when im not satisfied to something (for example: My mum forbid me from play with the TV cable. Then Iwill scream and cry)
I love a finger smoke =) (my mum always count my finger...maybe she still learn how to count the finger...haha)
I love sleep with my mum and dad... =)
I love to play and sing with my mum ....she love to sing a folk song to me...
       Ba ba black sheep
       Old Mc Donald
       Twinkle2 little star
       Are u sleeping brother John
       Bapaku pulang dari Kota
       Lompat si Katak Lompat
       and etc....
My mum will sing the song while I clap my hand... I love this so much
I dont like crawling...I love to stand still or learn how to 'walk' by my own... =)

P/S * : I love U Emir



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