Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Emir ...10th month OnGoing =)

My Son after 9 Month Deliver

Sorry the Pic is little bit Blur
Ayah snap this Pic okeh
See??? This is my great sonny duddy diddy...Emir Ukasyah..a.k.a mirkasyah (His cousin called him by this name)
He learn such a lot of things...He explore such a many things to know what is this...this..and this...and sometimes I can't control my mouth without saying (NO) to him...
He like to do lots of dangerous things...Play at the ladder and Put up one hand (and laugh) then Playing with glass plate, cup, spoon, knife (if can), Play with the electricity component such as wire, socket... (I know dear...u born as son of need to help us yet ok), Play at the kitchen...hehe.., Take Off the astro card (dengki la tu) and play at the bathroom (really dangerous to u me)
But...he was growing up well...He  just beginning to understand many simple words and phrases, so it's more important than ever to keep talking to him. He also pulling himself up from sitting to standing position.  He may even walk while holding onto furniture, possibly letting go momentarily and standing without support ...
Emir love to play with me...He will crawl towards me and try to persuade me to play with him...Hehe...Even I'm really tired...but I will spend my time for him...

Hehe...Everyday life was really enjoy...Thank You Allah For letting me marrying my lovely husband MOHD ZAKI B. MOHD SAYUTI & This cute sonny EMIR UKASYAH BIN MOHD ZAKI

Play with the ball while
 watching TV

I Have a ball...
* My sonny...thanks for giving me a chances to be your great mom...We will take care Of you forever...Trust me


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