Friday, 23 December 2011

Emir MiLesTone....

Emir MilesTone...

Emir Ukasyah already 10month's Old this coming 25th December 2011. His progress now???hmm quite active to learn how to to to to tidy up the kitchen (hardworking like mama), love to be a to play with the basket...

Let me show Emir progress and milestones start from he deliver...

Hi Mama, ayah & world..
I'm Just Deliver
Name: Still in progress
Venue : HSA
Weight : 2.8kg (hmm skinny)

I am home =)
Just arriving home
Age : 1 day
Venue: Home sweet Home
Time : 4.30pm

I'm in my car seat
Going to clinic for check-up with mama
Age: 1 Month
Venue: In savvy
Progress : Smile
Time : 7.30am

Iam too sleepy mama
Dont disturb me okeh
Age : 2 Month
Venue: In Alza
Progress: Golek2
Time: 2.30pm going to Jusco in happy mood
Age: 3 Month
Venue: Bukit Tinggi (vacation)
Progress : Laugh
Time: 8.30am
I can hold my own bottle OK
Age : 4 Month
Venue: Home sweet Home
Progress: Hold bottle by his ownself
time: 8.00pm
see??this is my sport car okey..hehe
Age: 5 Month
Venue: Airport (send ami to France)
Progress: start crawl
Time: 3.30pm
Hahaha...ayah...I'm smile ..
can take my picture now
Age: 6month
Venue: home sweet home
Progress: sitting
Time 9.00pm
Why take my photo??
I still eat my finger...
dont try to stop me ok
Age: 7 Month
Venue: Home sweet Home
Progress: Finger smoke
I am watch my 'ayah' playing bowling...
Mode : Boring.huhu
Age : 8 Month
Venue: Bowling Taman Pelangi
Progress: raise my hand and bye2
Time: 10.30pm
Please...I start my work now okeh...
Dont disturb
Age : 9 Month
Venue: Mak Tok's House
Progress: Play football
Time: 5.00pm
This is my ball
Ayah bought it for me...Happy
Age : 10 Month
Venue: Home sweet home
Progress: One step walk
Time: 7.00am

OK...thats all the time cite lagi...
Mama Tired already...hehehe
Love U sonny


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