Emir situ Sana Sini

4:51 pm

Emir can walk Now!!!

I am really excited last 2 weeks when Emir stand up and walk by his ownself. He smile and walk like adult...stay at one site and take some stuff and continue walk...He really make me feel impressed (kekuasaan ALLAH) Masya ALLAH.
He is really funny and make me enjoy...He loves to hug me and kiss me. 

I love u dear...love u more and more

Last Monday..after awake in early morning he keep crying untill noon. He got a fever..But he is rarely crying like that even he got a heavy flu. I am really worry about him...Late nite red dot was appear at his skin..I am double worry. My hubby and me bring him to see Pak Long Emir to diagnose the red dot skin...He said...Ohhh 'demam campak' Thats normal to infant....But as per Pak Long Said, Baby will be suffer untill it recover because the viral attack throats & joint . 
Alhamdulillah...he is getting better now and keep walking all the day...hahahaha...Love u sayang...
Err mama sayang ayah as well Ok...Love u so much both my heroes

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