Friday, 10 February 2012

# Weekday mania

Many2 Story Mory

 Long time no see...hahaha... 
Lately, quite busy to handling classes, sub job, and some more housewife's job, mom's job and daughter's job as well...and I am really enjoy to be me...
There are a lot of story mory to telling to...hehe..I'm just keeping in mind without snap a picture..Reason ??? ( batery was empty while the incident happen/the event start etc etc...hehe.Is it acceptable???)

Terrible CNY

28  January 2012 : There are one sad incident happen to my brother..he was involved in an accident in front of our house...err..sound like simple and jokes but he is really suffer of it.Why???
hmm actually that day he try to teach his son for riding the motorcycle. Without any safety guard or using any helmet both of them riding the motorcycle. His son was the rider and he is the passengger.After turn the motorcylce, his son cannot control and pressed the pedal oil. The motorcycle was hit my neighbour gate and car. Both of them then was sent to the hospital via ambulance. My brothers knee got an injury...heavy injuries... He finally do the operation to repair his knee..and he have to rest from walk for few months...
Hope he will be OK soon and fully recover...

Rae & Mal  Reception Day

5 February 2012 - There was a very enjoy momment for this couple...There are a wedding celebration for them. The celebration was be held at Dewan Kempas Raya Johor. A day before we are too busy to helping them make goodies for the guests..
On the ceremony,  my husband and I was unplanned to be a wedding plan  suddenly force to...hehe
Its really enjoyable momment. We make it smooth and everybody enjoy the momment.

Harith Going To MRSMMUAR

I am too proud to Harith. He is selected to register for boarding school @MRSMMUAR (My Old School). I am the one who help him to fill up the application form, and give him some tips for sit the exam and I am the one who is very excited during the result show he is selected to be one of 'anak mara'...Why I am saying that???there is a lot of thing he can be learned there and really interesting...I am really hope he can take this opportunity to be the best student @ MRSMMUAR.. If I got a chances to return back to be a student @MRSMMUAR, I'll do my best for my future...But Alhamdulillah...I am praise to Allah for this happiness...
I take a leave in order to send him to the boarding school...But since he stay there,his mom and lil sister keep crying and miss him...If stay at home is the best way to him...He have to back home...He have to make a decision...I'll support him...

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