Monday, 26 March 2012

My little Bunch..bunch...

My little Bunch..bunch...

My little bunch2 was already one year's old ++...he's known as toddler not baby anymore...wah...Many children take their first steps sometime between 9 and 12 months and are walking well by the time they're 14 or 15 months old. But my little bunch..bunch take his first step on early  11th month... I am the one who is really excited when he take his first step..
He also can babble in any sound like short right, he also understand and respond to me well...I am always ask him to take my scarf or remote control and give back to me...He can respond and take the stuff and give it to me...
What a wonderfull experience is..hehe...I am happy to be your mom cayang...hehehe..mmmuah
See this photo kay...

Tido yang besh

Lari dari ayah....hehehe

Penerbangan ke bulan

shopping time!!!

Bye2...sambil mengipas2 tangannya



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