Addicted to Adam & hawa

11:18 am

Addicted to Adam &  hawa 

Lately this hubby and wife were addicted to Adam&Hawa. Before this we just ignoring few episodes Adam &hawa which kept in my hard's given by kak asiah my dearie officemate which is really 'gigih' downloading this movie.

Why i said we are addicted to this movie?can u imagine how 'tabah' we are watching this movie until 3.30am.oh hubby until 5.30am okes. Then we slept until emir awake us.oh no! It's already 10am. Wakaka

So i just recognize that both of us was really meant to be (apehal pulak)?.hehe.we have a same hobbies and 'perangai gila'. Hadoi..the next evening im really flat..fengsan mak! X ckup tdo.hadoi

Hokey.bnyk cte nant i cite lg ea

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